Key features

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Fiyer allows users to earn rewards based on their daily engagement & activities using interesting tools available in the app. We allow each user to get rewards for their actions on Fiyer.

rewards engine

Real time
API integration


Reward engine


Kin Rewards Engine are simply structured and easy to understand so developers can easily predict their expected rewards.


Everyone should have the same equal opportunity to participate and get rewarded by the Kin Rewards Engine.


Kin have streamlined the onboarding and payout processes, ensuring members get their rewards quickly and seamlessly.


provides useful creative content.


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  • Is Fiyer free?
    Yes, it's free to use the Fiyer app.
  • How can I earn rewards?
    By creating product related content on Fiyer. Rewards can also be given based on the number of unique likes from other users.
  • Can I withdraw my rewards?
    Yes, you can transfer your rewards to your own wallet or exchange.
  • Can I spend my rewards on Fiyer?
    You can buy products with your Rewards and also upgrade your membership. You can support other content creators by giving them a share of your rewards.